March Delivery

Posted in FigureCity, OtakuISM on April 5, 2011 by yanderesuki

Hello! 3 figures to update with this delivery today 🙂 cant wait to fap over them… 😛 pictures to follow

first up the epic tony taka miku! ❤ love it:

(the next 2 figures are NSFW! u have been warned 😉 enjoy!)

next up we have eleanor mercer from honey blonde! if u havent read this doujin go check it out its by kensoh ogawa.

And finally we have zisca! i have no idea about the background of this figure but i bought it anyway (demon magic is wat it is!!!) the base of this figure is massive though i couldnt believe it.

So thats it for march… cant wait for april! oh oh and i’m also getting my helmet sprayed for the BRS design (fuck yeah!) the itansha may be stalled but im still slowly working towards getting everything together. I’ll post pictures of it once i get it all done cant wait!


Jan Delivery. Itansha project stalled

Posted in FigureCity, OtakuISM on February 4, 2011 by yanderesuki

January Delivery


Clara Clan

Super Soniko shimapan ver. (i am disappoint)

Makise Kurisu Nendoroid

HMO Miku nendoroid

Financially unable to fund the project at this point in time. hopefully though i can get my helmet sprayed at least. =(

Update: Bike replaced

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Hey.. reader! updating on the news of the bike. Insurance have decided to replace it so thats all good. i have a few more things to sort out before everything is settled in. in the mean time heres the inspiration for the BRS itansha ;)… my BRS collection. haha~ and yes the black canon is the reprinted one i didnt get a chance to order her first time round. enjoy!

My new BRS black Canon.

(BRS nendoroid, DM nendoroid, BRS/DM nendoroid petite set, BRS black blade ver, Dead master original ver, BRS black canon ver, BRS DVD limited Edition, BRS animation ver.)

All my other BRS goodies and u can see some of my other toys too. yes boys and girls i’ve been a big fan of BRS for a while. and only recently jumped on the phenomenon band wagon! Yes i’ve pre ordered Black gold saw nendoroid, and Dead master animation version. waiting on Black gold saw animation ver. Strength animation ver. and Strength nendoroid. =3

BRS Itansha update

Posted in Random bits of L-iFE on December 16, 2010 by yanderesuki

So after her ride in period and first service i was in an accident a week later. LOL right? so i guess until i can get insurance sorted out this project is on hiatus again. FYI: totally not my fault so im in the green i hope. The inspectors already called me and she’s uneconomical for repair…  like i said once insurance sorts everything out i’ll be able to bring this project back online again. Still scouting around for possible decal places and came across some nice airbrush spray painting and i might look at that since it does look a lot nicer especially for the art. Well nothing else much regarding this has happened and i should probably get around to doing those reviews.

Love and Peace! Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year 😉 stay safe~

BRS itansha project

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So money is really tight these days but i managed somehow to pull together a bit of money and got a ninja 250r! (that just means i have no social life for the next.. year and a half but who cares!). So the project is back online! and additionally we might even do an itasha! but we will have to see… i’ll try document everything as i go so look forward to how i struggle, fail… then struggle some more.. then rage.. and finally rage quit this project. ha-ha!

First up on the agenda

Pass uni! – k we all know thats not gonna happen so i’ll just skip to the important bits.

– buying and installing –

–HID xenon kit 179.95

–flush mount turn signals 139.95

–tinted wind shield 80-100

–seat cowl 100-150

– Locate a place that will do vehicle decals and stickers. also get a quote [Done ( and a friend’s friend’s shop.)]

With uni and all that im expecting to get started with this project late November to early December.

edit: An extra set of fairings.

finished exams!

Posted in Random bits of L-iFE on June 25, 2010 by yanderesuki

Fu-k finally finished my last exam!! now for the 2 weeks i have period of fake freedom before i see my results… WOOOOT gonna be a busy 2 weeks. have start looking for a place that’ll do proper vinyl decals although i have some leads… start finding some money for the upgrades onto the bike (really want those Xenon headlights) .. and ultimately enough money for the bike~ so look forward to it when i get all itansha on its ass!

edit: so i like how i failed right after i said i’d get into it money’s always a problem =( so its gonna take longer than i expected…..

My new poster girl?!!

Posted in OtakuISM on June 19, 2010 by yanderesuki

jokes. just found out this morning after i woke up that a new vocaloid sukone tei was released! and wat better way to celebrate than with images of the yandere epic girl who-has-a-grudge-on-miku-while-secretly-stalking liking-len. ❤ i cant wait to see how the chibi miku 4-koma will turn out haha~~ here are some pictures and an original song (which i think is pretty awesome)

(i should also mention that its from this ‘official’ site

additional song: