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finished exams!

Posted in Random bits of L-iFE on June 25, 2010 by yanderesuki

Fu-k finally finished my last exam!! now for the 2 weeks i have period of fake freedom before i see my results… WOOOOT gonna be a busy 2 weeks. have start looking for a place that’ll do proper vinyl decals although i have some leads… start finding some money for the upgrades onto the bike (really want those Xenon headlights) .. and ultimately enough money for the bike~ so look forward to it when i get all itansha on its ass!

edit: so i like how i failed right after i said i’d get into it money’s always a problem =( so its gonna take longer than i expected…..


My new poster girl?!!

Posted in OtakuISM on June 19, 2010 by yanderesuki

jokes. just found out this morning after i woke up that a new vocaloid sukone tei was released! and wat better way to celebrate than with images of the yandere epic girl who-has-a-grudge-on-miku-while-secretly-stalking liking-len. ❤ i cant wait to see how the chibi miku 4-koma will turn out haha~~ here are some pictures and an original song (which i think is pretty awesome)

(i should also mention that its from this ‘official’ site

additional song:

Shimapan too irresistable

Posted in FigureCity, OtakuISM on June 18, 2010 by yanderesuki

Soniko 1/7 is back! now with 100% more shimapan! this adorable figure originally came without the shimapan so if you were the few lucky people who got the original ver. then i guess you can skip over this one! haha. Priced at 7800 she’d take a chunk out of your wallet… and if your like me (refer to last post) then you really have to dig deep =( even though i skipped the angel beats pucchi i just cant resist a good shimapan figure… think of all the pantie shots! (haha~) so here she is in all her good ‘caek is a lie’ glory…

so the full body shot very promising from all angles. and you bet when she arrives im going to do a massive photo shoot

facial expression is great too! “s…sttop staring so much!” ❤ (and is that a nipple! zomg =P)

additional close up anddddd……….

without apron! excellent =3 i know where im going to spread the whipped cream for the.. cake!

All in all compared to the Last one all thats really changed is the shimapan… but the last figure was epic! and i didnt get a chance to pre order her

for comparison purposes heres the original~ (my goodness she really is lovely)

pictures via orchidseed

Nendoroid Puchi: Angel Beats!

Posted in FigureCity, OtakuISM on June 17, 2010 by yanderesuki

so this was just too awesome to pass up even though i’m in my exam period. haha~ GoodSmile company have released the first set of angel beats nendoroid puchi (or petite) which includes yurippe, shiina and whatshernameagain? *googles* yuusa?… *the otaku gods struck me down with lightning for not knowing who she was* additionally they released a while ago a tachibana kanade (angel) puchi with dengeki g’s magazine if you were lucking enough to get one! pictures to follow:

the angel puchi ❤ exra cute =3

and the angel beats first set:

Yurippe with her accessories:

yusa with her headset

and shiina with her trademark ninja style blades (i bet if she saw this she wouldnt be able to resist!)

The nendo puchi’s are just too damn cute! this set is priced at 2100 yen and released in october this year. The set also comes with the accessories if you were wondering. Not sure if we’ll see angel in future sets but most probably will and im guessing there will be one for GirlsDeMo. To BUY OR NOT TO BUY? I’m already getting Hitagi Goodsmile ver., black rock shooter animation ver. and ClaraClan swimsuit ver. in the same month, so unfortunately I’m gonna pass up this little chibiko set! *gets struck down by otaku gods again*

Can probably find these at your usual online retailers (amiami, play-asia, hobby search just some off the top of my head) though at this point i dont see any up for pre order yet

Yumeiro Happy End figure: Palette 1/8

Posted in FigureCity, OtakuISM on June 7, 2010 by yanderesuki

hey hey yo yo~ back with another post on a new figure release from Etsu(e☆2) the same people who did tony taka’s nekomimi maids. This time they’re back with a beautiful figure of palette from the novel yumeiro happy end! doesnt seem like theres much information floating around on the net about this. so i’ll try my best translating some of the japanese pages~ keep on reading if you want to watch me fail (which i know you will)

so standing at 15cm and costing 8500 this is what you’ll get:





from animate

what i basically got from this was that: 1. i can read most of it but understanding WTF?! and 2. im totally awesome


our main character (whose name i cant read) turns out to be an otaku and in order to get the complete limited edition palette figure he’s playing this galge. eventually he obtains the figure which comes with a pen tablet, “but little did he know that his peaceful days were soon to end.”

『My revival for the sake of humanity is to destroy the demons (youkai?), i’m a shikigami~』

Out of the screen palette came flying out. Along with a beautiful smile and a future of trouble. The day he met palette he was thrown into battle with the youkai. In the midst of all this  he thought: what protection, what are we meant to find?!

in summary: 1. read the jap synopsis if you know jap. 2. then read the english synopsis and lol 3. for those who cant read jap read the english synopsis and lol anyway.  i know its crap i know theres badly translated stuff thats why i also included the jap excerpt for those who can read. additional images ensue so stfu =3

Some close up shots. i particularly like her base but the detailing is also pretty good

Other angles show how its almost impossible to get a pantsu shot with this figure… =( mabye we need a ‘mirror’ screen~~

no details as to when the pre orders will be open but keep an eye out~ She’d definitely make any collector happy

Tony Taka 1/8 nekomimi maids

Posted in FigureCity, OtakuISM on June 5, 2010 by yanderesuki

Blog post

RAWWWWWWR  indeed your eyes do not deceive thy tony taka’s maids! originally priced at 14800 yen… amiami are now selling these at 11800. and im totally pissed right now that i had to spend an extra 3000 to get them =(. sadangryface. so here it is the 1/6 scale pvc set in all its glory… and if ur also wondering the pink ver. is at the same price go check it out if ur interested!

edit: etsu have also released a new sky blue ver. at the original price! and are exclusive to amiami. this time no change in the eye or hair colour~

i must say this figure looks good in any colour scheme ❤

still fresh in the box! (will do a better review wen the time is right =3 pantsu shots to come! and yes… they are wearing panties)

Maxfactory Beach queens?!

Posted in FigureCity, OtakuISM on June 1, 2010 by yanderesuki

the release of the 4th shining wind character in the swimsuit brings a whole new .. bah fuck it just enjoy the fact that they’ve finally finished xecty (released in Nov.) in her swimsuit and finally completing the set! totally regret not buying seena now =(

all the characters except for seena (2nd from left) are available for pre order through hobby search and amiami!

via goodsmile