Yumeiro Happy End figure: Palette 1/8

hey hey yo yo~ back with another post on a new figure release from Etsu(e☆2) the same people who did tony taka’s nekomimi maids. This time they’re back with a beautiful figure of palette from the novel yumeiro happy end! doesnt seem like theres much information floating around on the net about this. so i’ll try my best translating some of the japanese pages~ keep on reading if you want to watch me fail (which i know you will)

so standing at 15cm and costing 8500 this is what you’ll get:





from animate

what i basically got from this was that: 1. i can read most of it but understanding WTF?! and 2. im totally awesome


our main character (whose name i cant read) turns out to be an otaku and in order to get the complete limited edition palette figure he’s playing this galge. eventually he obtains the figure which comes with a pen tablet, “but little did he know that his peaceful days were soon to end.”

『My revival for the sake of humanity is to destroy the demons (youkai?), i’m a shikigami~』

Out of the screen palette came flying out. Along with a beautiful smile and a future of trouble. The day he met palette he was thrown into battle with the youkai. In the midst of all this  he thought: what protection, what are we meant to find?!

in summary: 1. read the jap synopsis if you know jap. 2. then read the english synopsis and lol 3. for those who cant read jap read the english synopsis and lol anyway.  i know its crap i know theres badly translated stuff thats why i also included the jap excerpt for those who can read. additional images ensue so stfu =3

Some close up shots. i particularly like her base but the detailing is also pretty good

Other angles show how its almost impossible to get a pantsu shot with this figure… =( mabye we need a ‘mirror’ screen~~

no details as to when the pre orders will be open but keep an eye out~ She’d definitely make any collector happy


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