Nendoroid Puchi: Angel Beats!

so this was just too awesome to pass up even though i’m in my exam period. haha~ GoodSmile company have released the first set of angel beats nendoroid puchi (or petite) which includes yurippe, shiina and whatshernameagain? *googles* yuusa?… *the otaku gods struck me down with lightning for not knowing who she was* additionally they released a while ago a tachibana kanade (angel) puchi with dengeki g’s magazine if you were lucking enough to get one! pictures to follow:

the angel puchi ❤ exra cute =3

and the angel beats first set:

Yurippe with her accessories:

yusa with her headset

and shiina with her trademark ninja style blades (i bet if she saw this she wouldnt be able to resist!)

The nendo puchi’s are just too damn cute! this set is priced at 2100 yen and released in october this year. The set also comes with the accessories if you were wondering. Not sure if we’ll see angel in future sets but most probably will and im guessing there will be one for GirlsDeMo. To BUY OR NOT TO BUY? I’m already getting Hitagi Goodsmile ver., black rock shooter animation ver. and ClaraClan swimsuit ver. in the same month, so unfortunately I’m gonna pass up this little chibiko set! *gets struck down by otaku gods again*

Can probably find these at your usual online retailers (amiami, play-asia, hobby search just some off the top of my head) though at this point i dont see any up for pre order yet


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