Shimapan too irresistable

Soniko 1/7 is back! now with 100% more shimapan! this adorable figure originally came without the shimapan so if you were the few lucky people who got the original ver. then i guess you can skip over this one! haha. Priced at 7800 she’d take a chunk out of your wallet… and if your like me (refer to last post) then you really have to dig deep =( even though i skipped the angel beats pucchi i just cant resist a good shimapan figure… think of all the pantie shots! (haha~) so here she is in all her good ‘caek is a lie’ glory…

so the full body shot very promising from all angles. and you bet when she arrives im going to do a massive photo shoot

facial expression is great too! “s…sttop staring so much!” ❤ (and is that a nipple! zomg =P)

additional close up anddddd……….

without apron! excellent =3 i know where im going to spread the whipped cream for the.. cake!

All in all compared to the Last one all thats really changed is the shimapan… but the last figure was epic! and i didnt get a chance to pre order her

for comparison purposes heres the original~ (my goodness she really is lovely)

pictures via orchidseed


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