BRS itansha project

So money is really tight these days but i managed somehow to pull together a bit of money and got a ninja 250r! (that just means i have no social life for the next.. year and a half but who cares!). So the project is back online! and additionally we might even do an itasha! but we will have to see… i’ll try document everything as i go so look forward to how i struggle, fail… then struggle some more.. then rage.. and finally rage quit this project. ha-ha!

First up on the agenda

Pass uni! – k we all know thats not gonna happen so i’ll just skip to the important bits.

– buying and installing –

–HID xenon kit 179.95

–flush mount turn signals 139.95

–tinted wind shield 80-100

–seat cowl 100-150

– Locate a place that will do vehicle decals and stickers. also get a quote [Done ( and a friend’s friend’s shop.)]

With uni and all that im expecting to get started with this project late November to early December.

edit: An extra set of fairings.


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