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Update: Bike replaced

Posted in Random bits of L-iFE on January 4, 2011 by yanderesuki

Hey.. reader! updating on the news of the bike. Insurance have decided to replace it so thats all good. i have a few more things to sort out before everything is settled in. in the mean time heres the inspiration for the BRS itansha ;)… my BRS collection. haha~ and yes the black canon is the reprinted one i didnt get a chance to order her first time round. enjoy!

My new BRS black Canon.

(BRS nendoroid, DM nendoroid, BRS/DM nendoroid petite set, BRS black blade ver, Dead master original ver, BRS black canon ver, BRS DVD limited Edition, BRS animation ver.)

All my other BRS goodies and u can see some of my other toys too. yes boys and girls i’ve been a big fan of BRS for a while. and only recently jumped on the phenomenon band wagon! Yes i’ve pre ordered Black gold saw nendoroid, and Dead master animation version. waiting on Black gold saw animation ver. Strength animation ver. and Strength nendoroid. =3