March Delivery

Hello! 3 figures to update with this delivery today 🙂 cant wait to fap over them… 😛 pictures to follow

first up the epic tony taka miku! ❤ love it:

(the next 2 figures are NSFW! u have been warned 😉 enjoy!)

next up we have eleanor mercer from honey blonde! if u havent read this doujin go check it out its by kensoh ogawa.

And finally we have zisca! i have no idea about the background of this figure but i bought it anyway (demon magic is wat it is!!!) the base of this figure is massive though i couldnt believe it.

So thats it for march… cant wait for april! oh oh and i’m also getting my helmet sprayed for the BRS design (fuck yeah!) the itansha may be stalled but im still slowly working towards getting everything together. I’ll post pictures of it once i get it all done cant wait!


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