BlackRockShooter Itansha Project

So i’ll update this space when i get the time essentially its what i want to do with my bike. if anyone else out there is interested lets help each other out! (mainly me) and lets have fun with it

Vehicle:  Black 2011 Ninja250r (Ex250jaf)

and we’ll go from there!

I’m going to try and make a B★RS 

(Black ★ Rock Shooter) theme on it so hopefully when i get this done i can update this page! once again look forward to it ~~


  • naturally the front left headlight will have a blue-ish flame decal rolling off it.
  • tinted windshield
  • Change headlights to HID XENON
  • yoshimura TRC Carbon fibre slipon
  • lower handle bars + racing break/clutch
  • Pictures? i have a few but i need to convert them to vector and im not sure how well they’ll work so i guess i’ll just get em all printed!
  • Sponsor Tags and Logos? trying to look for ones related to anime and wat not. ie tony taka, nitroplus, goodsmile company/racing, maxfactory, nendoroid series. That being said i’m still thinking of having things like alpinestar, bridgestone tyres etc etc on there

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