Don Don Fueruzo!

Hey guys.. since i only really started collecting figures from the beginning of the year i’ve been taking photos of my cabinet as i buy and put more things in! so heres a few of the photos enjoy! (yes there is a reflection in the door and yes that is me) unfortunately a few photos were taken with the iphone so bear with it (coz i am a noob i forgot to rotate the images before i uploaded em. so deal with it)

The one above would have been.. mabye around june. i got the nekomimi maids in march and didnt get my cabinet till around may-june


and this is the cabinet as of 4th of JAN

this pic is from feb 4th!

and here is the cabinet april 5th!

cabinet updated july 11th =3 babydoll soniko, bondage soniko an GSR miku ❤












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